How can today's parents or church leaders become knowledgeable about everything that might interest your kids? You need all the resources you can find! As helpful as Google can be, our beliefs don't matter to it. Wonder Ministries offers expert guidance about comic books, both Christian and secular.

We do several things:

  1. We sponsor tables for Christian comic books as well as Christian activities at comic book conventions in Minneapolis & St. Paul MN.
  2. We sponsor The Imaginators, a fellowship group for Christians who read or create comic books in or near Minneapolis / St. Paul MN.
  3. Our President Carl Borg speaks to churches and other interested groups about Christian comic books and our work.
  4. He is also willing to train others, either personally or through other media, to do the same.
  5. We also publish Carl's books. Visit the store
  6. We are open to other opportunities, too.

We do these things for several reasons:

  1. Because we believe comic book people need to know Jesus Christ! Christian comic books can help us reach them.
  2. Because believers who are comic book fans often feel alone if not alienated. They need to know they are valuable and valued members of the body of Christ.
  3. Because many churches are poorly informed (at best) about Christian comic books.

Our mission statement

Promoting Christian comic books to the church and beyond, specifically in and around Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN.

Our goals are:

  • Outreach - to find people and places that need Christian comic books
  • Education - to teach those who want to learn

Our objectives are:

  • to increase the awareness of and the audience for Christian comics books
  • to see Christian comic books become a vital tool in the church for evangelism and education
  • to provide a means of fellowship for local fans and creators of Christian comic books, and
  • to encourage the spiritual and artistic/technical growth of Christian comic creators (and fans)

We believe Christian comic books will not only help us reach out to comic book fans outside the church, but also help the spiritual development of comic book fans within the church.

Our plan and methods

How will we accomplish these goals and objectives?

  • By sponsoring tables for Christian comic books and Christian programming at appropriate local events.
  • By offering seminars about the medium of Christian comics to interested groups.
  • By sponsoring a fellowship group called The Imaginators for believers interested in comic books.

Wonder Ministries is, at least for now, a part time venture and not intended to support a person or staff.

Who We Are

First and foremost, we are devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We us the name Wonder Ministries to summarize the work God has given us. We believe Christian comic books will not only help us reach out to comic book fans, but also help their spiritual development.

Carl Borg

The face of Wonder Ministries, Carl Borg is also its' President, CEO and founder. A life-long comic book fan, he is also an authority on Christian comic books. Carl has been an active member of the Christian Comic Arts Society, serving a term on their Board and also as the Central Mailer (think Editor-in-Chief) of their APA-zine Alpha Omega. He also owned and operated the only distribution company exclusively for Christian comic books, the Christian Comics Clearinghouse. Many of the people involved in Christian comic books have at least heard of Carl, and a number of them are his friends, He has also promoted Christian comic books in other ways in MInneapolis & St. Paul MN for over 20 years.

Carl often partners either with Pastor Ron Hartley of the Christian Life Center, Mpls MN or Erik Pineda of God, Comics and Gaming.


Upcoming events are listed on our Facebook page.


What could Wonder Ministries bring to my event?

That depends on your event -

  • For Christian or secular shows or expos, etc., we offer a "retail" table featuring many of the best Christian comic books available
  • Also for Christian or secular shows or expos, we offer event programming, such as a panel discussion or chapel service.
  • For churches or Christian groups, Carl offers the following Powerpoint presentatiions:
  • "What is Wonder Ministries?" - an overview of our work
  • "Your Kids and Comic Books" - presents Christian comic books as an alternative form of entertainment
  • "God's Superheroes" - a sermon, for general Christian audiences

How could I get Wonder Ministries to my event?

  • Contact Carl Borg with FULL information about your event
  • Because Wonder Ministries is very new, we have limited resources. We may need to negotiate registration fees, or perhaps offer a programming event as partial compensation.

Does Wonder Ministries charge for its services to churches?

  • Yes, but we're affordable. We need to take into account the amount of material we bring (which is negotiable - the full display will fill an 8' table!) and the distance we travel.

How do I find more Christian comic books? Where's your links page?

  • Our links are on the Resources page, and we're still assembling them. Tell them Carl sent you!

I don't see my question here. What's up with that?

  • You still deserve an answer. E-mail your question to Carl Borg.

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Promoting Christian comic books (and Jesus Christ) to the secular and church markets, specifically in and around Minneapolis & St. Paul MN